Assignment Bank:

Create a t-shirt//

After reading Kaitlin’s blog about her host character, i decided that i would make a t-shirt for her host character. The shirt is of a headless ballerina and her kitty named boo. Using photoshop i was able to cut off both of the characters head, then i was able to overlap the photos on the screen, where i then screen shotted the aftermath to make the photo whole.

Worlds Largest Cemetery//

This is “Deadful Dani”s dream place to visit. It is called Wadi-us-Salaam. It is an Islamic Cemetery and it is also known at the world’s largest cemetery. Since “Deadful Dani” is obsessed with the dead and dresses like she one of them, she would have her dream vacation to visit the largest cemetery in this world.

deadful dani//

This is suppose to represent my character “Deadful Dani”. Since she’s suppose to be ghost like (since she’s suppose to look dead), I did my own makeup in order to look ghostly. Then i used photo shop in oder to distort to photo. Which i then uploaded to flickr.

Daily Create: