dodgeball mashup//

To do this assignment I decided to choose a sports movie so i could replace the ball with Wilson from Castaway. So I chose the movie Dodgeball and picked a picture where the ball was present. To add wilson to the image, i used photoshop to cut out the face of Wilson then dragged it on top of the ball in the Dodgeball image. I then used the blur effect to make the image distorted a little because the ball is in the background and the rest of the background was blurred.

Mashing friend and emojis//

For this assignment I was told to take an image of my friend currently doing something and match it to a Emoji. I chose this photo of my roomate who was currently laughing and smiling. So i matched it to the emoji where the eyes were squinted and the teeth were showing.

Mashup Those Movies//

For this assignment we were suppose to combine two movie posters. I chose to combine Harry Potter with the famous Hunger Games quote. I chose the colors and font from the poster of the Hunger Games. The quote also works for Harry Potter because they are also going to war.


remix it 1//

For this remix assignment I was told to make the poster a infomercial poster. So i added more text to the image and put a 1800 number. I also made it seemed like the movie was coming out today which is why they should buy tickets.

remix it 2//

For this assignment I was told to add Waldo to the image. Since waldo is very small i had to put him in a place where he was spottable but not to easy to find. Since there isn’t too much going on in the photo i decided to make him very small and ass him to the symbol on the headband.

Daily Creates: