Assignments & DC Contributions — December 12, 2015

Assignments & DC Contributions

Created Assignments:

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I did create two daily creates, but they haven’t showed up yet, I’m not sure if they have to be approved first or something. But i sent two in. So ill give you the details about what they were in case they’re still not up.

  1. Post a picture of something throughout your day that you think is beautiful and tell us why you think its beautiful.
  2. What are you daydreaming about? Share us a photo of what is always on your mind.


Week 12 — November 16, 2015

Week 12


dodgeball mashup//

To do this assignment I decided to choose a sports movie so i could replace the ball with Wilson from Castaway. So I chose the movie Dodgeball and picked a picture where the ball was present. To add wilson to the image, i used photoshop to cut out the face of Wilson then dragged it on top of the ball in the Dodgeball image. I then used the blur effect to make the image distorted a little because the ball is in the background and the rest of the background was blurred.

Mashing friend and emojis//

For this assignment I was told to take an image of my friend currently doing something and match it to a Emoji. I chose this photo of my roomate who was currently laughing and smiling. So i matched it to the emoji where the eyes were squinted and the teeth were showing.

Mashup Those Movies//

For this assignment we were suppose to combine two movie posters. I chose to combine Harry Potter with the famous Hunger Games quote. I chose the colors and font from the poster of the Hunger Games. The quote also works for Harry Potter because they are also going to war.


remix it 1//

For this remix assignment I was told to make the poster a infomercial poster. So i added more text to the image and put a 1800 number. I also made it seemed like the movie was coming out today which is why they should buy tickets.

remix it 2//

For this assignment I was told to add Waldo to the image. Since waldo is very small i had to put him in a place where he was spottable but not to easy to find. Since there isn’t too much going on in the photo i decided to make him very small and ass him to the symbol on the headband.

Daily Creates:




Week 11 — November 9, 2015

Week 11

Mini Documentary:

Okay so I’m suppose to go through an talk about my process for this video that I created. So first what happened is when we found a store that was nearby, at the time this was in Springfield MO. Me and my teammates at the time, Jake and Morgan, found Talula’s where we asked the woman who owned the store if we could interview her and make a film about her store. We used out camera to film her talking about her store and the history of Talula’s while i also jotted down notes on my notepad about the interview. I was lucky enough to be in a class that had taught me all about how to conduct an interview and how to take notes for later use. I also was provided with different types of editing software in order to make my videos. After we got the interview on film we took different types of B-roll, which is film to use in order to make the documentary more interesting. So we filmed things around the store to show what items Talula’s sells, and what goes on inside the store. We even got some outside footage to show where you can find the place and what to look for. When we got back to the computer i was able to write out a script off of what i had written down in my notes. I then had Morgan read the script while recording. I used that as a voice over for the film while i use the Adobe Premiere to put the video together. I had Morgan’s voice reading the script then used the Interview we got from the owner in order to put in her voice throughout the film. I use mainly the interview and B-roll to cover the whole film so it would be more pleasing to watch. Morgan’s voice covered in the spots where more information was needed and to make sure the film never had any awkward silence.

Daily Create:



Week 10 — November 2, 2015

Week 10

Choice 1= Mini Documentary:

So I actually made this video awhile ago when I went with some friends up to Springfield Missouri. Me Jake and Morgan went to a random shop called Talula’s and asked her if we could do a film on her shop. The video was actually placed in a contest at Drury University. We have only a few hours to go out, find a shop, and record, come back and edit the video, and turn it in before the due time. My job was to be the producer. Morgan was the voice in the video, and Jake video taped the footage. Since i was the producer I helped film and come up with the script for what Morgan had to say. I also used Adobe premiere to edit the film to make the interview into a movie. I thought this video would be perfect for the video assignment. At the end of the contest I ended up getting 3rd place out of all the teams.

Daily Create:


Video Essay:


Week 9 — October 26, 2015

Week 9


Assignment Bank:

Create a t-shirt//

After reading Kaitlin’s blog about her host character, i decided that i would make a t-shirt for her host character. The shirt is of a headless ballerina and her kitty named boo. Using photoshop i was able to cut off both of the characters head, then i was able to overlap the photos on the screen, where i then screen shotted the aftermath to make the photo whole.

Worlds Largest Cemetery//

This is “Deadful Dani”s dream place to visit. It is called Wadi-us-Salaam. It is an Islamic Cemetery and it is also known at the world’s largest cemetery. Since “Deadful Dani” is obsessed with the dead and dresses like she one of them, she would have her dream vacation to visit the largest cemetery in this world.

deadful dani//

This is suppose to represent my character “Deadful Dani”. Since she’s suppose to be ghost like (since she’s suppose to look dead), I did my own makeup in order to look ghostly. Then i used photo shop in oder to distort to photo. Which i then uploaded to flickr.

Daily Create:

Week 8 (Part 2) — October 19, 2015

Week 8 (Part 2)


Daily Creates:

Week 2 Review:

Week 7 — October 13, 2015

Week 7

Radio Show Progress:

Radio Show Poster:

Radio Show//

To do this assignment i had to use Photoshop CC in order to cut out all the images. Once all the images were cut out, I layered all the photos on top of each other and applied a black background. With the add text tool i was able to insert the title and the sub title. I then from there saved the image and uploaded it to flickr.

Audio Assignments:

For all the assignments above, i either used just soundcloud or audacity. I uploaded the music i wanted to use in the background onto audacity then use the record tool in order to record my voice over the music. I then exported the file as a MP3 where i then uploaded it to soundcloud.